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NFBPWC works to develop the professional, business and leadership potential of women at all levels, and advocates for equal participation of women and men in power and decision-making roles.



Our members consist of diverse and powerful voices that empower and ally with women all over the globe. They are provided useful advocacy tools, and are able to connect with other like-minded individuals through a broad range of ongoing learning programs, networking events, and mentoring opportunities. - more -


Website: www.bpwcolorado.org 


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BPW/Colorado is a local affiliate of NFBPWC. The BPW chapters within the state of Colorado report directly to the state.

All Colorado members hold a membership to the State Federation, NFBPWC, and BPW International -- all for one membership fee.

Business and Professional Women of Colorado (BPW/Colorado) was founded in 1919. This organization has, and continues to be, a leader for women's rights at the local, state, national, and international levels.

They are 100% volunteer-run, service and membership organization, and are defined by the many individuals from communities large and small, who are members of BPW/Colorado!


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Leadership Team 

President - Kathryn Canges-Wallace
1st Vice President - Evie Hudak
2nd Vice President - Chanel Heermann
Secretary - Sara Bastani
Treasurer - Cynthia Wieme
Immediate Past President: Deb Fischer


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