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Ensuring equal opportunities to working women on the move – whether in pursuit of their own careers, as spouses, as migrants choosing to relocate or as asylum seekers and refugees.

In order to achieve equal participation in power and decision-making roles, we believe migrant business and professional women must be shown what opportunities exist for them so that they can get back into their own fields of interest – either through information, conversion of their experience and further study, or hands-on training or education tracks.
    Join us! We are keen to build out equal opportunities for working women on the move and will be taking our project to the international scene to change how women are perceived and received when they arrive in their new homes. This is a great opportunity to have a significant impact as advocates, by changing questionnaires, reception center documentation, and by building awareness on how to help arriving business and professional women understand the many resources available to them.

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    Committee Scope

    The Women on the Move Committee provides information, access to mentors and allies who are themselves business and professional women, a marketplace of resources that can help with critical services, such as improved language skills, job search aids, cultural adaptation guides, degree conversion services, on the job training programs.

    The Women on the Move Committee provides home to two special projects: The Afghan Women Project and the Let us Learn! campaign.

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    Contact Committee Chair, Nermin Ahmad 

    Nermin Ahmad was a diplomat’s daughter, moving countries and continents as her father’s daughter. She was a prisoner of war, a refugee. Because she was used to adapting, she was able to ask the right questions, get the right answers, go to the best universities, and thrive in a dream job that she developed for herself. Had she not grown up on the move, she would never have known the realm of the possible. If she had a network who could have welcomed, encouraged, and advised her, she could have achieved so much more, and engaged in very different areas of study. Her own life is a template for what Women on the Move needs to achieve.

    Position open

    Sher A Singh was born to Indian/Scottish/Portuguese parents in Guyana, SA. Her grandmother was an indentured from India, and her mother’s ancestors from Maderia. Sher was exposed to many languages and cultures throughout her life growing up. She spent most of her summers in Dutch Guiana (now Surinam) with her family who spoke several languages. Sher was sent to French Guiana, (department of France) to stay with friends because of political unsafe conditions. She then moved to St Lucia, Caribbean, where she studied Mass Communication. An immigrant in the US, she worked at the UN, married, and had 3 children. Arriving, living most of her adult life, and navigating the American experience while making many firsts in her civic engagements and more. She is an attestation for this committee.

    Position open

    Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles

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