NFBPWC announces the Afghan Women Project

7 Oct 2021 5:14 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NFBPWC) Advocates for displaced Afghan women with the Afghan Women Project 

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs has begun outreach and support to welcome the displaced women refugees of Afghanistan by implementing the Afghan Women Project. The immediate goal of this support project is providing needed clothing and fundraising.  

NFBPWC learned of the needs of these women from the New York City Affiliate Chapter which works closely with the United Nations as a UN recognized NGO. Following this initiative, NFBPWC plans to continue to address all issues of advocacy with help in adjusting to new environments and daily life.

NFBPWC will open paths to professional business resources, providing practical assistance, and mentoring to those who seek career and business advice through a mentoring program. Outreach has already begun on the National level with NFBPWC members across the country. 

The organization is proud to be able to take their collective skills and use them to ease the stress of migrationand form a bridge between the courageous, driven women in Afghanistan to the women ready to excel here in the United States. This practical intervention is aimed to fill a gap in government resettlement services.  

NFBPWC's national network has the reach to augment the abilities of the Afghan women to navigate skills and resources available to them. With an aim to continue their dreams of personal liberty as they sought careers and entrepreneurship in Afghanistan, NFBPWC will work to create elevated work and opportunity here in America. 

About the NFBPWC

The National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NFBPWC) was founded in 1919. In 1930, Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips a co-founder of the NFBPWC, founded the International Federation of Business and Professional Women.

NFBPWC/USA, is a 102-year-old organization. We are a national network of Business and Professional Women with the objectives of developing professional, business and leadership potential for all women. We advocate for the equal participation of women and men in power and decision-making roles.

As a member of BPW International, NFBPWC/USA has consultative status with the United Nations and works closely with many NGOs (non-governmental organizations) throughout the world. Through the work of the New York City Chapter of NFBPWC, we have consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and participatory status with the Council of Europe.

Former NFBPWC members are pioneers of the women’s equality movement, and include four first ladies of the United States, a US supreme court justice, authors, and esteemed business leaders.

Donations to the project will be accepted through a fundraising campaign which is open until October 31, 2021. To donate, please visit

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